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Kelsey Frantz

Kelsey is a Disney enthusiast from Mobile, Alabama. She has a wonderful husband of 5 1/2 years and three beautiful children: Lennox, Parker, and Callaway! She has always been Disney obsessed, even as a little girl! She has been through every phase of princesses and watched every single movie countless times! She first went to Disney when she was very little and when she went with her husband as she got older, a new burning passion and love for Disney was truly sparked and she's never looked back!

Nothing will beat the time that she took her two boys for the very first time! Seeing the excitement and magic in their eyes is something she will never forget and can't wait to help all of her clients experience as well. 

That experience alone is what made her want to get into helping others with their Disney planning! Kelsey cannot wait to see the love and excitement in your eyes as she books your trip!

Fun Fact about Kelsey: Mickey and Minnie got to help her announce her first pregnancy!

You can contact Kelsey directly for a quote at

Kelsey Frantz
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