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Justin Reynolds


Disney/Universal Expert

Justin is a former Army combat medic turned Disney enthusiast. He loves learning about the history of Disney parks, resorts and even Walt himself. His passion and knowledge of Disney help him plan the best vacations possible for his clients. He loves to find little known facts about Walt and the Disney company that he can pass on to his clients as well. At the parks, his favorite thing to do is to walk down Main Street and take in the castle. He could live on Main Street just taking in all the smells, sounds and of course the views of the best Disney castle, which in his opinion is Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World, of course! Walt knew that while there is very little adult in a child there is still quite a lot of child in every adult and Justin's goal is to make everyone feel like a kid again on their Disney trip. You can contact Justin for a custom quote at

Justin Reynolds
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