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Are there really benefits to using a travel agent for your Disney vacation?

When planning a vacation as big as Disney, there are numerous benefits to using a travel agent.

The number one reason is that they specialize in all things Disney magic!

So.. what exactly does a travel agent do?

Booking the hotel and park tickets is the easy part. Most Disney vacations are planned about 6 months in advance and there are many steps and deadlines along the way. To start, you will talk with your agent and discuss when you want to travel, where you want to stay, how many parks you want to visit and your budget. From there, you will be given a couple of options to choose from. These can always be altered to fit your plans.

The next few steps are the most time consuming and stressful parts of booking. This would be booking any dining reservations or special activities your family wants to do. Some reservations require you to book 60 days in advance. The downside is that window can open as early as 6am and during this time, spots fill up fast. Your travel agent will be the one to wake up very early and book these reservations, while you and your family stay tucked in bed. They will handle all the stress to make your trip as stress free and magical as possible!

Your travel agent will always be on the lookout to save you money. They will be the first to know of any new promos or savings and will be able to apply that to your account. You could wake up one morning and get an email from your agent saying they were able to get you a discount, saving you more money!

Travel agents like to make the planning aspect of your trip fun and exciting! Some, not all, will send small gifts, such as a vacation count down or some Mickey ears for the little ones) or updates and your planning details ground mail. Do your research and learn more about your prospective travel agent - check out their social media, reviews on their business pages.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a travel agent for your next Disney vacation:

They're trained for this!

All travel agents specializing in Disney destinations go through extensive training called the College of Disney Knowledge.

This training teaches agents about every detail of all US Disney destinations, including Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, Aulani in Hawaii, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and National Geographic Expeditions!

They know all the tips and tricks!

Travel agents specializing in Disney destinations know all the tips and tricks and even the parks like the back of their hands and if they don’t, they will find out for you!

This could be something as simple as waiting until lunch time to hit your favorite attraction while other guests are eating, or knowing to recommend dinner around the fireworks time at Cinderella's Royal Table for a unique perspective.

They're your personal 'Fairy Godmother'!

With a travel agent, you have a single person to go to for any questions, problems, or changes to your trip.

If you book on your own, you could end up talking to numerous different people trying to get the answers you are looking for. Travel agents personalize your trip down to the last detail and you’ll have your very own Disney expert on speed dial. You can consider them your personal fairy Godmother.

AND, did you know that you are paying for a travel agent whether you book with one or not!? That’s right! Disney has the cost associated with using a travel agent built into the price of booking a trip with them. If you use a travel agent, that money will be commissioned out to that agent. If you don’t use one, Disney puts that money back into their pockets. So ultimately, it does not cost you anything extra to utilize their expertise.

There are so many benefits to using a travel agent who specializes in Disney, so why would you pass all of that up?

If you're considering a Disney vacation to any US destination, The Magic Travel Company would love to help!

For a free, no obligation quote, Kristin Deleeuw is ready to help! You can email her at and follow her on social media HERE.

The Magic Travel Company is a registered Disney Travel Agency and specializes in all Disney Destinations.


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