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Samantha Sbardella

When you wish upon a star… you get Samantha as your Disney travel agent!!

Following in the footsteps of her travel agent mother, (who specialized in Disney vacations herself), Samantha has been immersed in the world of travel her entire life — abroad, domestic, land and sea — but ever since she was a little girl she has had an incredible passion for Disney and all of its wonder (and from her old home movies on VHS tapes showing her 4-year-old self reciting the entire movie of Aladdin, that sure proves it!) She’s the girl all of her friends and family go to for ALL things Disney — and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Humorously referring to herself as a “human Disney World map,” Samantha has been to Walt Disney World almost 20 times in her life and has seen it evolve over and over again — as we all do in our own lives. She would quite honestly live there if she could! From the moment you step foot onto Disney property, you are transported into a realm where your inner child is free to run and your only concern is “what are we doing next!?” And having stayed at numerous Disney resort hotels and dining at some of the best restaurants, Samantha is well-versed in giving you the best experience possible!

Her favorite park is Epcot, her favorite character is Tinkerbell and her favorite ride is her next. Hehe!!!

Whether you are planning a short getaway as a couple, a week long family vacay with your kids or celebrating life’s most precious moments, you can rely on her to completely plan your trip from start to finish — tailored to your must-do rides, delicious dining reservations, can’t-miss shows, pro tips & tricks and any other wishes & dreams you can think of! 

With faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust, Samantha will help you create these amazing memories that will be sure to last a lifetime. 

Get your Mickey ears ready and contact Samantha directly for a quote at 

Samantha Sbardella
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