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Laura Gearwar

Laura is a wife and girl mom of 3,  born and raised in the frosty New England weather so of course one of her favorite Disney princesses is Elsa but she has a lot of love in her heart for all Disney princesses, princes and even some villains, huge nod to Kylo Ren who was her favorite meet and greet, so sassy!

Laura became an official Disney adult in 2019 and she hasn't stopped planning since! If Laura is not currently at Disney then she am busy planning her next trip. If anyone who knows Laura, they will tell you that she can be found wearing matching family Disney shirts with any Mickey shaped food, pretzel specifically in Magic Kingdom or Blue Milk in Galaxy’s Edge, especially when you’re hauling kiddos in that FL heat and humidity!

When it’s time for some kid free exploring you can find Laura enjoying all the food and adult drinks that Epcot has to offer, her favorite is the margaritas and atmosphere at San Angel Inn! She loves all things Disney and loves giving advice and tips to friends, family or anyone who likes to chat. She has a passion for traveling and living out the most magical experiences that Disney has to offer!

You can contact Laura directly at

Laura Gearwar
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