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Kari Bowman

Kari is an avid Disney lover and is so excited to help you plan your next magical vacation. She cannot remember a time in her life when she didn’t love Disney. As a small child, her VHS player had The Little Mermaid (her absolute favorite movie), Aladdin, and The Rocketeer on rewind and repeat. She was a homebased self-appointed Mouseketter. Every Sunday night was popcorn in the living room as she waited for the weekly The Wonderful World of Disney movie. Hearing Walt and the icon “When you Wish Upon a Star” melody truly made her believe that dreams could come true. 

As a Disney adult, she now sees that dreams and wishes can and do come true. She especially sees this through the eyes of her 3 children when they experience Disney. There is no other word to describe it other than Magical. Disney is a place where dreams for all ages come true.  Since her children are all varying ages and each have their own interests, she is very well versed in creating unique Disney experiences.  From Tinkerbell gifts, dining with the Beast in his castle, the right resort location and seeing your favorite characters, she totally gets all of it.

Her favorite park is hands-down Hollywood Studios. She loves all the action and adventure from Indiana Jones, the Tower of Terror, Fantasmic to Galaxy’s Edge there is something exciting at every turn.

Kari so excited to help you create your unique Disney vacation. You can contact her directly for a quote at

Kari Bowman
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